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Product Catalog

In accordance with our aim to give every business in Nigeria a face and an online presence; we have provided our registered Authors with easy to use and most importantly FREE! tools to allow them build and maintain an online catalog of their business. This online catalog service is targeted at SME's and allows you to maintain information about the products and services you provide.

Online Presence
In this day and age, it is essential for a company to have an on-line presence. You'd be suprised at the number of small & medium-sized businesses in Nigeria that don't have a website. Some have a website but lack the time and skills to promote their online presence and exploit social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter.

We understand the needs of the businesses; to have a direct link with their customers to enable them showcase their products and services as quickly and as effectively as possible with minimal waste of time, money and resources. After all, the sooner the customer realizes the value and benefits of your business, the quicker you will make that sale.

Product Listing Tool
We provide Business Listing Authors with a set of tools to allow them build and maintain an online and interactive catalog hosted on our website. With these tools:
  • the Authors
    can:add new products to their catalogue complete with details such as pictures, descriptions, prices, stock quantities, etc. customers can search your catalog or browse by category

  • Customer Feedback
    Customers can help promote your business by easily rating and reviewing your products, and recommend items to a friend via popular social network tools like Facebook & Twitter.

  • Setup Daily Deals
    Use the Deal of the Day feature to setup bulk discounts, coupons and other special offers like 20% off or free shipping to keep customers coming back for more.

  • Be Found in Search Engines
    Take advantage of our search engine optimization (SEO) and get your products found on Google, Yahoo and Bing to bring more shoppers to your store.

  • Product "Wish" Lists
    Customers can place items on a wish list for future purchase or consideration. This tool urges shoppers to revisit your site and helps fill up their carts easier and faster.

  • Reach Your Customers on the Move
    With our mobile-optimized platform, you can help your customers view and purchase your products while on the move.

  • Process Your Orders Quickly
    We help you get your orders through the door smoother and faster with our Purchase Order (PO) system. Quickly view and approve POs in a flash.

  • Control Access to Your Store
    Rest assured knowing that your sensitive data is secure and protected and that only you as the Author and administrator have access.

  • Advertise Your Products
    Exploit the LGTNigeria advertising platform and market your products at strategic banner locations and sponsored listing positions across our website.

  • Keep Your Doors Open
    We're so confident in our world-class hosting technology that we can guaranty a near 100% uptime to ensure that your Product Catalog never goes down.

  • Free Subdomain
    Qualify for a free subdomain in the form of

  • Free 24/7/365 Support
    Apart from the helpful hints around your console, get the help you need from our fully trained experts and for no additional charges. You can reach us anytime and anywhere via phone, email or chat to get answers to your questions.
This kind of site is a great start for a company and can be expanded in the future as your company grows. The page is aimed at helping you market your business online, reach your target audience and could be used to attract new customers.

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