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Business Listings

Here at we list Nigerian Businesses for free and make the information about your company and products publicly available to inquiring customers. Whenever customers search LGTNigeria for a business or a product that matches your criteria, the following information about your business will be displayed:
  • Business Name*
  • Type/Category*
  • Keywords - 6 single words that best describe your business
  • Business Description* - About 2 to 3 paragraphs describing your business in detail
  • Full Address*
  • Landline
  • Mobile
  • Fax
  • Hours of Operation - Work hours on weekdays and weekends
  • Email
  • Website
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Page
  • Contact Person
  • Storefront Picture - Pictures speak a thousand words, ensure your building remains etched in the minds of customers
  • GPS Coordinates - The Latitude & Longitude coordinates of your building
* Signifies mandatory fields, all other fields are optional but we advise you to fill in as much information about your business as possible

Add a Business

If you own or represent a business that doesn't already exist on then please click on the "Add a Business" link above to add it to our database free of charge. Alternatively you can Suggest it to Us.

Benefits of Listing Your Business with LGTNigeria

Nigeria was recently reported to have over 44 million internet users and over 70% of these people are using mobile devices to access the internet. Believe it or not but the internet has become a pivotal part of our everyday life, especially in the aspect of how people find and interact with local businesses. Nigerian business owners can no longer afford to ignore the marketing potential that lies in the world wide web, and LGTNigeria seeks to help you to harness this potential.

When you list your business with, you benefit from the following:
  • Free Listings
    Add your business to LGTNigeria for Free and watch it go live as soon as your done.

  • Get Noticed
    You make it easier for millions of Nigerians to find you; more traffic translates into more customers

  • Consumer Feedback
    Open your doors to consumer feedback:
    Customers can help promote your business by easily rating and reviewing your products
    Customers can recommend items to a friend via popular social network tools like Facebook & Twitter.

  • Detailed Information
    Provide detailed business and contact information about your company to direct traffic from our site directly to you

  • Become the Author
    Once you author a listing, you have exclusive rights to modify the information whenever, wherever you like via the browser window of your PC or mobile device.

  • Amass Followers
    If LGTNigeria customers like what they see on your listing page, they can choose to follow your business to be kept up to date with the latest news, info and offers from your business

  • Free Product Catalog
    Qualify for your free Product Catalog!

  • Social Media Integration
    Display your Facebook Page and Twitter Feeds on your listing page to urge more customers to subscribe, like and join your social network.

Getting Started

Once your business has been entered into, it's time for you to gain control of it. By becoming the Author of the business, you will be granted exclusive rights to update the contents of the listing from your browser window whenever you like. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Register with our website
  2. Login to the website using your username and password
  3. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for your business
    • If you can find your business, proceed to step 4
    • If you can't find your business then Suggest it to Us and we'll add it for you

  4. After you find your business, click the more info link to reveal more details about your business
  5. Check the "current author" field to see if an author already exists for this business

    An Author is a registered member that is responsible for managing a business listing. The author is usually affiliated in some way with the business and has been granted authority to update it's data.
    • If the current author field is empty then proceed to step 6
    • If the current author field is filled then an author already exists. If you are certain that the current author is not affiliated with the business in any way then you can Make a Complaint.

  6. Read and agree to the Author Rules, then click on the "become author" button

    At this point you have chosen to take up the responsibility of managing this listing. The page should refresh to reveal your name as the current author. To view all the listings that you're responsible for, follow these steps:
    • Ensure you're logged into the website and click on the profile button at the top of the page
    • Click on the Business Listings link on the right side menu to reveal all your listings and the actions you can perform on them such as edit their data

Note: Deleting a Business Listing is a right that we alone reserve and will only be taken into consideration for justifiable reasons; e.g. legal or otherwise.

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