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How To Place An Order

Placing an order for a product or service on our website is easy. Here are the steps you need to follow. If you encounter any problems while following these procedures then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

  1. Register with our website
  2. Login to the website using your username and password
  3. Find and select the products and services that you want from our several Advertising Opportunities

    Your "Shopping Cart" is persistently updated with your choice of our products and services that you wish to purchase. Your Shopping Cart can be accessed at any time by clicking on the link located at the top right hand side of the page (you must be signed in).
    • Browse or search for the items you would like to order.
    • Click on the respective buy or purchase buttons to add the item to the Shopping Cart.
    • Keep searching or browsing until your cart contains all of the items you want to order.
    • When you're through, take a moment to review all of the items you've placed in your Shopping Cart. If you decide that you don't want to purchase a particular item then you can remove the item from the Shopping Cart.
    • Once you are satisfied with the contents of your Shopping Cart, click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button to proceed to place your order.
    • An online Invoice will be generated unique to your order. Please note down the #Invoice Number for refference as it will be required when making payment and for making any enquiries about your particular transaction. We will also send this order confirmation Invoice to your Email Address

  4. The work to develop the product or provide the service will commence upon submission of your order.
    • Check the status of your order by clicking the "View My Orders" button on your member profile page. Here you can Check the work progress and review or cancel your order at any time without having to contact us.

      Note: An order that originated from an auction cannot be cancelled without incurring the penalties addressed in Step 2d of the LGTNigeria™ Auction Rules & Regulations.

    • Upon completion of the job, a "Work Completion Certificate" will be issued for you to acknowledge. Doing this will certify that you're satisfied with the finished product or rendered service. At this point you must make payment for the work to be reflected.

  5. Make payment

    Currently the only method of payment is via Direct Deposit to our First Bank account. You can use the regular deposit slips as shown below:

    • Fill in the Deposit Slip in the same manner as in the picture above.
    • The official Account Number and Account Name fields will be displayed to you only after you have placed your order.
    • For the "Depositor's Name" field, write down your LGTNigeria Username (You are currently not signed in!) and the transaction #Invoice Number in brackets as displayed in the picture. The #Invoice Number will help us identify your transaction so it is imperative that it is entered into the deposit slip legibly and accurately.
    • The Depositor's Address and Phone Number fields are not required but can still be filled in.
    • Check the accuracy of all the information you provided and make any necessary adjustments.

    Note: All orders must be prepaid. If you are making Cheque deposits, please note that the funds would have to clear before we implement the items and this takes about 2-3 working days.

  6. We will be notified via SMS and/or Email Alert when the payment has been recieved, and at this point a Receipt will be issued to you to conclude the transaction.
  7. In the case where you're unsatisfied with our final product or rendered service, we provide a 3-day "full" money-back guarantee starting from the time and date that the reciept was issued to you. After the expiration of this guarantee period however we cannot and will not recieve any refunds.

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