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HexGEAR™ is the official developer of Let's Go There: Nigeria™ and all related technologies. The Company was founded in 2002, is privately owned, and operates out of Lagos, Nigeria. HexGEAR™ is an IT company at heart and is well positioned to provide comprehensive and custom-built solutions as well as rich digital media and entertainment software, at cost-effective prices, as well as provide the required technical support.

LGTNigeria™ is our flagship product, and through it we aim to give every business in Nigeria a face and an online presence regardless of financial capacity and technical ability by providing our customers with easy to use tools and affordable advertising opportunities.

Corporate.IT & Software Development

Corporate.IT & Software Development


HexGEAR™, Online Business, Lagos


Dienye Samuel Boham







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6.401753 N, 3.394539 E


hexgear, lgtnigeria, lgtn, lgt, dienye, boham

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Does your business have a physical location in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria? Do you operate several branches in the city, state or nationwide? Do you have a map showing the location of each and every one of your businesses on your website? Nigerians are in...More

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