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Xtreme Sports Paintball Arena

ID 1157

Xtreme Sports Paintball Arena
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Come play paintball at the Xtreme Sports Paintball Arena in Oniru

Join the Premiere Paintball Group in Lagos, Nigeria. Come and enjoy simulated warfare games every weekend from 3 to 7 pm with all equipment provided.

Available Packages
1 Game - N3,000
2 Games - N5,000
3 Games - N6,500

We provide all equipment and safety gear.

Entertainment.Parks & Playing Fields

Entertainment.Parks & Playing Fields


1 Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Lagos



Working Hours

Sat-Sun (3pm-7pm)

GPS Coordinates

6.422458 N, 3.443377 E


Xtreme, Sports, Paintball, Arena, ATV, Oniru

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Business Reviews

A total of 1 Review(s), the last Review was made by hexgear

Judging by Looks by Hexgear

Posted at 5:03pm, Tue 19th April, '11 via pc



I haven't actually been to the Xtreme Paintball Arena at Oniru so please take what I say in the following paragraphs with a pinch of salt!

I have friends that have patronized them in the past and all have said they had a fun time. I've checked out their Facebook group and judging from the pictures, i'm inclined to agree with them. However, it looks like there could be much more room for improvement.

Design of the Arena
For starters, the Paintball arena seems kind of bland; just an open field with a couple of obstacles to take cover behind and shoot from. I'm guessing the owner must be a real fan of Paintballing to want to establish it in Nigeria, which would mean he (or she) might also have played a lot of First Person Shooter video games like Halo. He (or she) should grab a page from the Halo level design manuscript and go wild. Hire an artist and builders to mock up some themed level like an abandoned Warehouse complete with props, effects and even a back story to set the scene.

Fun Game Types
As for game types, again the owner can take a page from First Person Shooters such as Unreal Tournament. Feature game types such as Dominion (Team A are attackers, B are defenders, objective is for A to overrun B's base), Capture the Flag (each team has to capture the flag of their opponent and take it to their base without getting killed), etc.

Vehicular Combat
The involvement of ATV's is a pretty cool idea but I didn't see them being used in-game. If the risk of injury is too high then why not adopt NPC drivers (also found in computer games) while the paying players can hitch a ride behind and do the shooting. By NPC I mean non-playable characters, or in this context, more like extras, not really part of the game whose sole purpose is to drive for a particular team. These NPC's would be expert ATV drivers to prevent injury but still sustain the fun. If the driver is shot a couple of times then the ATV can be taken out of the game.

Like I said, I haven't had the pleasure of playing at the Arena (not yet anyway) so some of these points might be invalid. But if these are valid points then I’d suggest that the owner really consider them and if implemented correctly, it could really increase the value of the experience and keep players coming back for more.

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