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The foundation, on which the Mandilas Group was built in the 1940s, was the provision for a wide range of first-class internationally renowned products and services, used in all spheres of life.
In Nigeria, the name Mandilas became synonymous with Volkswagen vehicles, since Mandilas first introduced Volkswagen into the country in 1953 as sole importers and distributors. Having popularised Volkswagen vehicles through the nationwide network of sales and service facilities of its Motors Division, Mandilas made a vital contribution to Nigeria's industrialisation by initiating the setting up of the "Volkswagen of Nigeria" assembly plant near Lagos .

Type: Shopping.Car Dealers

Shopping.Car Dealers

Location: 35 Simpson Street, P.O. Box 35, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Landline: 01-2630252/4345/6141/4331/4335

Mobile: 08173077703, 08033077703 08177464404, 08177464407




Webpage: none



Working Hours: Mon-Fri (8am-5pm)

GPS Coordinates: N6.453390, E3.402886

Keywords: tokumbo, car dealer, used cars, toyota, vehicles, sedans

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